Coming Back......

Monday, July 23, 2012

{Image via Ruth de Vos}

“You've been gone so long from all that you know. It's been shuffled aside as you bask in the glow."

-Sarah McLachlan


Yes, I've been gone awhile. 

I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye.

It wasn't a planned absence, but rather one that grew out of a need to disconnect for a time to soak in the baby.  You know, the sweet essence of a baby that is so fleeting, and slips through your fingertips like sand.

It began with a computer crash, and I realized that I really enjoyed the time off and the resulting quieter, simplified mind while the computer was being I kept going.

I still used my newly repaired computer for communicating, but as for blogging, facebooking, pinteresting, I've mostly been absent.


I think I'm ready to begin to ease back in to this now, but please be patient with me as I return to dust off the cobwebs, and begin to pull the weeds from the broken links and any other little troubles going on in this neglected garden.


xo, Simply Montessori


Marnie said...

Good for you! I can only manage a few days! It does feel so good though! ;-)


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