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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hi!  I am the woman behind the words here. 
So, who am I, anyway?

I am a wife, mother, daughter, and sister. 

I am an early childhood educator turned SAHM to four beautiful children, rediscovering our universe through the eyes of my children, one grain of sand at a time.

I am a coffee addict, a sing-out-loud kinda girl, and still a ballerina in my mind.

I was lucky enough to discover Montessori while I was a teacher-in-training, and I fell absolutely in love.  I have degrees in Psychology and Sociology, and an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education. 

I've worked with children through in-home social work, institutions, and as an educator in classrooms, but I've learned more about how to be a good parent and educator from simply being at home with my children than anywhere else.

My purpose here is to share tips, methods, links, materials, and inspirations with other parents and educators, with a focus on integrating Montessori Education and Earth-friendly living into the home and classroom.

I seek to make your search for simple, inexpensive, and important materials easier, while sharing in both the happiness and stuggles that go along with parenting and educating.

I also have an Etsy Shop, but with the new baby, it is closed indefinitely.

I love emails, comments, suggestions and feedback, so please don't hesitate to write!


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