Number Words Activity, and a Great Deal!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You know the fantastic color and number word downloads I linked to in my last posting?
I thought I'd show you them in action.

While there are great word tiles included in the download, the cards just happen to go perfectly with my "moveable alphabet" from Lakeshore Learning, which is this great classroom set of magnetic letters.
I love the classroom set because it allows us to leave the words spelled out, and not run out of letters in the middle of an activity.
We used the following steps:
Name the number, count the objects pictured on the card, then use the letters to spell out the name.  Lastly, read the word again, then place the card to the side and select the next card.  At the end we read through the number names one more time before putting the letters and cards away.

We plan to work on the color words tomorrow!
Also, in case you hadn't heard,
is having a great deal right now! 

Lots and lots of books, magazines, and home & garden items are eligible for their 4-for-3 promotion.  Simply choose 4 eligible products (you will see a note on the product page if it is eligible) and add them to your cart, then at your final checkout page you will see that the lowest price item has been removed from your total.  How great is that? 

I just ordered 4 Kumon books (but only paid for 3!):

We have a few of the other Kumon books and my kids love them!  The My First Book Of Tracing is great, and I laminated the pages so we can write on them and wipe them off again to use over and over.  I might do this with the maze book as well.
If you have any great recommendations, let me know, I might be tempted to place another order!
Happy Shopping!

Oh, and if you have time, check out this great post on
I like the simple and effective examples they give on how to let your children help with household chores.



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