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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Choose from Block Print (Zaner-Bloser Style) or D'Nealian Style, or Script!
Customize the print size, and line pattern.
Then, simply select the word to practice for each line! 
Great for learning to write a name, or to go along with moveable alphabet activities or theme words. 
Laminate the paper and you can use it again and again.

Need a Moveable Alphabet for activites like the one above?
Click here for ideas & links.

{Photo Credit: Simple Bites}

Yum, Yum, Yum, simple, healthy, and easily customizable.  Just how I like them!

Includes instructions for use.
Montessori Mom has a great post with links to free map printables all over the web.

Make your own Seasonal Ring Booklet
(pictured above, photo from My Montessori Journey)
of songs, fingerplays, and poems with the help of
the following files by My Montessori Journey:

Just print and cut.  You can cut out all of the cards individually to make a separate labeling game as well.  Laminate for durabiility.

In Pdf format.

These go great with magnetic letters, the moveable alphabet, or the included letter tiles.
Like these?  Try the Color Words, too!

As an addition to my last posting, I came across this lovely company:
Healthy and Non-Toxic, their products are 100% plastic-free, waste free, lead-free, BPA-free, PVC-free and vinyl-free.  So otherwise, you can relax.
Plus they are creative and cute, too!
Check out these innovative wooden kid sporks!
Sized ideally for children age 5 and younger, crafted out of sustainably grown bamboo.  Spoon on one end, a fork on the other. 

Keep your cool: Adjusting to new routines, or even just making it though your ordinary day can be challenging, trying, frustrating.
I love this post over at SortaCrunchy.
This will come in handy when we have those moments.  You know those moments!

A great post about Goal Setting Charts, by Simple Kids.
Lots of great visual examples of different variations and uses in the home.

My most valuable homeschooling tool:
My laminator!
You may notice that I frequently hint that laminating greatly increases the life of your created materials, and allows for quick write-n-wipe activity making as well as preservation of precious work, making name tags, book covers, and the list goes on...

My laminator, in case you were curious, is not expensive, but has lasted and is still going after countless uses.  Therefore, I feel comfortable telling you that I own this one:

I love it because it is quick, easy, and I can buy the refill pouches at Walmart as well as here: Scotch Thermal Pouches

What is your most valuable homeschooling tool? 
I'd love to know!


Mo said...

Your are right....the laminator is probably my most valuable homeschooling tool.

I LOOVVEEE my source for the thermal pouches via Thanks to my Amazon Prime Account I can order pouches from Lamination Depot and have them in 2 business days....

They can be found here:

I love the 5 mil pouches. Awesome.

My husband jokes that if he sits still too long, I might laminate him.

And, I did receive some pouches that were damaged in shipping. They took them back, no questions asked because they were damaged and the credit came quickly.

So, my favs are my laminator AND the pouches!

SimplyMontessori said...

That is great that these work with my machine! (I read through the reviews to make sure- plus I got a little chuckle out of one reviewer who said that they use the pouches to laminate their Bible study lessons for their hot tub!). :)
Thank you for reading and for your comment!


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