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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pretty much everyone I know uses Instagram.  Children also enjoy taking photos with a cell phone, which is often easier to use and much less bulky than a DSLR.  Seeing what they capture gives us a glimpse of the world through their eyes.  But, once you upload them to Instagram and share them with friends, the beautiful images are often forgotten.  There are many ways with endless creative possibilities to provide your family with concrete representations of your Instagram visions.

{Image via Isidora Leyton}

Instaprints allows you to upload your Instagram photos and have them printed as photographic prints, canvas prints, and even provides framing services.  Another neat feature of this website?  You can choose to offer your Instagrams for sale!  Just decide which photos from your gallery you would like to sell, and voila!  You can also set your own prices.  Instaprints will pay you through Paypal once a month and keep you advised when any of your prints sell.   These prints would make great gifts, too!

{Image via Wilbert Claessens}

Another child-friendly option is Printstagram.  This website allows you to turn your Instagrams into little stickers, perfect for little hands!  Bonus- they are wallet friendly.  You receive 2 sticker books for a total of 252 stickers per order, and each order is only $10!  Printstagram also offers poloroid-style Instagram prints, mini photo albums, memory boxes, prints on t-shirts, and a poster collage of your Instagram prints, perfect for framing.

{Image via Bryan P}

Postagram is an app that will help little ones (and you, too!) stay in touch.  You can choose an Instagram print and have it sent to the recipient of your choice as a snail-mail postcard for just $0.99.  This would be a great way to say hello to a grandparent, or send a great surprise to a teacher or friend.  You could also easily send one to your own child, as what child doesn't get ultra-excited when they receive their very own mail?  They have a version for iphone and android.

 {Image via Jeremy Eaton}

Stickygram turns your Instagrams into super-hip magnets.  You could just use them for great decorations, but.... wouldn't it be cool to take photos of letters you find around your house or town, then create your own magnet alphabet set?  Use it on your fridge or cookie sheet to build words and spell names.  You could also photograph words out of their favorite children's book and make a word set to build sentences.  Making it personal for the child means they will be very engaged in using the letters. The magnets cost $14.99 for a pack of 9 with free shipping worldwide.  You can currently get 20% off your order with coupon code SNAP.

{Image via Jermaine Young}

Finally, Keepsy is a great way to save your photos in a hardcover album.  Let your child document a vacation, a day at the zoo, a field trip to the grocery store or fire station, memoried throughout their school year, or a visit with a sick relative at the hospital, then upload their Instagrams to Keepsy to preserve them in an album.  Hardback albums begin at $29.95.

Do you Instgram?  Do you let your little ones try it out, too?

xo, Simply Montessori



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