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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Source: via Breeze on Pinterest

Hello~  I've been busy trying to resolve some problems related to my downloads.  Scribd began charging to download my printables from their website without my knowledge, that is, until someone emailed me and let me know!  {Thanks April}

So, I'm very sorry if you've been unable to access the downloads.  It was never my intent to have anyone pay anything for them, and I wasn't profiting from the download fee Scribd was receiving. 

With some research, I found how to "uncheck" the box that opted me into their fee based program, so I'm hoping that all the downloads should be back to "free" now.  I'm also going to upload my documents into over the next week or so, to give you all another downloading option.

Thanks for bearing with me, and sorry about any confusion this might have caused.  If anyone has any trouble in the future, please let me know & I'll try to get it resolved as quickly as possible.



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