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Saturday, August 28, 2010

A list of "exception words," or words that defy simple phonics {and basically just need to be memorized}.
PDF download of 8 pages.
Great to use in conjunction with your pink, blue, and green word lists.

Download, print, cut, then laminate for durability.
Put header cards out on top of work surface in a line.  Have the child name the picture and then clap out the number of syllables in the word.  Place the word under the correct header (one, two, or three claps).

This great PDF includes clear instructions for preparation, use, and presentation of the downloaded materials.

If you laminate this, you can use dry erase markers and just wipe off and reuse.

Includes counting, number word and number symbol recognition practice.

Match the rocket words to the rhyming planet.
This site has tons of fun activities, take some time and enjoy browsing!

{Image Credit: 54 Stitches}

So, this isn't really a download, but I LOVE this idea for a fabric version of a spindle box from 54 Stitches
 (See photo above).
The tutorial is coming soon, but it uses the same basic principle as a crayon roll, which is a pretty simple sewing project.  Here is a good crayon roll tutorial that you could modify to meet the spindle needs according to the width and size of your spindles.
The spindles are stored in the far right pocket when the roll is not in use. 
If you don't do embroidery, try iron-on numbers or fabric paint for the same effect.

Want a great way to store your 3 part cards and other materials in an orderly fashion, while still displaying them for children to find easily?  Try this idea from a Montessori school in Calgary:
Use labeled library pockets.  These can usually be found at a teacher supply store in a regular and super-sized version, or herefor online purchasing.  Add your own label to customize, and yes, if you want you can laminate them for durability (there I go again with the laminating!!).  Just run them through your laminator, then use the edge of a sharp knife, scissors, or exacto knife to carefully cut open the pocket edge again (just be careful to only slit the pocket open, not to cut all the way through the back of the whole thing).  I'm not sure where they got the super cool holders, but I'm sure a box or basket would work just as well.

Enjoy your weekend!



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