A Collection of How-To Videos for the Montessori Homeschooler

Friday, May 21, 2010

Are you a visual learner and need to see how materials can be stored and used?  Just need some fresh ideas for activities?  Have the materials, but aren't quite sure how to present a lesson?  Just want to take a peek into someone else's how to see how they do it?

There are a lot of free videos pertaining to Montessori Education on the internet.
Type in "Montessori" in the YouTube search box to see what I mean.  There are other valuable sites that provide free videos as well, and I've included a few about various topics in this posting to give you some ideas.

The first link is a series of videos that is part of the
Preschool Language Activities in Montessori: Video Series on eHow.
The presenter in the video is Tami Elliot, the owner and a teacher at the Northstar Montessori Preschool in Saline, Michigan. She has over twenty years of experience working with children, and she has owned and operated Northstar Montessori Preschool since late 2004. Tami received her American Montessori Society Early Childhood Credential from Adrian Dominican Montessori Teacher Education Institute in 2005.  Her complete list of videos (called articles) can be found here (there are lots of them!).  

This homeschooling mom shows you how she got started in using the Montessori method, and gives you a tour of her home.  Check out her other videos, too!
Part One: Intro. and Living Room

Part Two: Kitchen and Bedroom

The floor bed shown in her video can be purchased here.

This video shows how even very young children (18 months) can help in the kitchen.  This young girl cuts her banana and pours her own milk for her cereal.



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