Sorting / Classifying with Shells

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Choosing similar types of items, grouping them together, and allowing your child to sort them is another easy activity integrating your child's senses while developing their need to classify and order. There are so many different things you can use to sort and classify that this activity will never become boring! You can always make it new and interesting simply by changing the materials. The photos is an example of the final result of a shell sorting activity completed by my children.

At this age (1-3) it is not as important that they sort according to your specific categories-let them come up with their own! They may sort by color, shape, size, texture, etc. This also allows for many different activities even utilizing the same material over and over again. I like to rotate my materials. One week I may put out the shells, another week butterfly models, another week a bag of vintage buttons. With my children's ages, I always supervise them with these kinds of items because they still put things in their mouths from time to time, so be sure to take this into consideration with your own children.

You can allow the child to sort on a mat or tray (like the ones from my previous post), a laminated worksheet with graphics, into separate containers such as bowls or cups, a divided up plate or Tupperware, or an ice cube tray. The plate with divisions shown in the photo I found at a local antique store on clearance because it has some chips in it. I believe it was originally an olive or cheese serving piece. I have used it over and over with all sorts of things. This activity is from the Practical Life section of Montessori curriculum. Happy Sorting!


Anonymous said...

Just FYI since I live at the shore I can tell you this is an oyster plate for serving oysters on the half shell,


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