Weekly Free Downloads

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Here are this week's free downloads.....

Put the number on the clothespin, and the child will match the number to the correct quantity of dots by clipping the clothespin in the right spot.  Just print the sheet and laminate it.

Land and Water form cards, from Montessori Mom.
These include mountain, hill, plateau, plain, valley, peninsula, bay, lake, island, isthmus, and strait.

Not exactly a download, but printable lessons for Practical Life exercises, complete with photographs.

Great for use with smelling bottles, or on their own.

Great for use with a Butterfly Garden!


On my last Weekly Downloads post, Kelly requested Pond Life Nomenclature cards.
Here are some I made up for you!
{all photographs used in the cards are public domain
except for Amoeba from David Patterson}



Anonymous said...

Ok, so you've just gone to the top of my amazing list! Thank you so much, you've saved me so much time!

SimplyMontessori said...

Glad you will find them useful! ♥


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