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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

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I read Be a Preservationist of Childhood Summers over at Little Red Hen, and I decided to share the list with you, with some of my own additions.  Not only does reading about the things on this list bring back great memories for me, it is also a great idea list to use with your own children this summer!  My additions are at the end of her list.....

"If I had to make an initial list of things to do this summer for the future lost tribe of childhood members it would go something like this:
Climb in a tree and hang out
Jump across a stream to a grassy bank on the other side
Capture (and release) frogs and salamanders
Jump into thick piles of fresh hay
Play hide and seek in the dark with a tribe of friends
Pick flowers and make bouquets
Build a fort
Pound some nails
Make a homemade toy
Make a paper airplane
Make a toy parachute
Ride a bike across the lawn with no hands
Skip rocks really well
Learn to tie a good knot
Make a lean-to tent from blankets
Camp outside under the stars
Walk with a flashlight in the night woods to spot deer and other nocturnal creatures
Gaze night sky and just try to make sense of those stars ( or learn the constellations!)
Run outside for hour and hours until exhausted
Fall into bed for a good night sleep after running for hours and hours
Learn to swim really well, without fear
Learn to canoe or kayak and paddle down a river or across a lake
Tube down a stream and get bumped around and holler with joy and fear
Have a pet (or many similtaneously)
Plant a small garden and tend it
Grow tomatoes and eat them fresh from the vine
Pick wild blackberries
Pick quarts and quarts of strawberries and eat your fill as you go
Have unlimited strawberry shortcake as a special summer lunch
Plan a neighborhood carnival with friends and family and build all the props from cardboard boxes. Donate the proceeds to a favorite charity.
Ride a bike down a soft grassy hill that end gently at the base (with one or two friends on the seat and handle bar)
Roller skate
Play with jacks
Master the game of marbles
Jump rope (double dutch)
Learn how to build a campfire
Fish (catch and release)
Hook a worm
Gut that fish (not me!)
Make a pie
Make a birthday cake
Make lemonade from scratch
Play barefoot in the grass
Dip toes into soft mucky mud or silt along a brook or stream
Slit grass and make a whistle
Pound rocks and sticks with no other purpose than to pound
Read a favorite book on the lawn, in a hammock
Make a good friend for life
Sleep for hours and hours late into the morning and awake to find a loving parent there to make you breakfast"

My additions:
Make and eat our own popsicles, using one of those Popsicle Trays like my mom used to use when I was a kid, filled with smoothies or fruit juices.
Make homemade smores over a real campfire, catching a few marshmallows on fire in the process (yum!), and go to sleep smelling of wood smoke.
Catch lightening bugs (fireflies).
Grill outside somewhere other than home, using charcoal and paper plates.
Leave the window open so you can go to sleep listening to the crickets.
Go down a water slide.
Go on a day trip to somewhere you've never been before: Just get in the car and drive and see where you end up.
Draw with sidewalk chalk.
Feed bread to the ducks at a pond or river.
Play in the sprinkler.
Roll down a hill and laugh with crazed dizziness at the bottom (we just did this a few days ago!)
Jump on a trampoline.
Have a surprise family movie night and let the kids stay up late with popcorn and cuddles.
Go on a picnic.
Work in the garden.
Make homemade ice cream.
Go to an outdoor concert or drive-in movie.
Eat fair food.
Ride on a Merry-Go-Round.
See fireworks.
Hang the sheets out on a clothesline.
Smell like sunscreen and chlorine mixed together instead of perfume.
Wear a sundress.
Human-power a paddleboat.
Turn an old pair of jeans into shorts.
Eat cherries.
Take afternoon naps, in one big cuddly pile of arms and legs and paws.

Have things to add?  I'd love to know what is on your list!


Taryn said...

I love this post...great ideas!


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