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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

{A Montessori-inspired bedroom, for your inspiration, found via ohdeedoh. }
{Image Credit: Meg at Sew Liberated }

I have put together a list of free downloads of Montessori materials and other resources you can print and use at home.  I will try to make this a new weekly feature, so let me know how you like it!

Great for extending your experiences in the garden and the kitchen!

Available for the Month of May only, so download it today!
If you laminate these pages, they can be used with a dry erase marker for tracing.

These books list the entire Montessori primary curriculum.  Print out one for each child and keep in a binder to make notes about mastery and progress.

Shu-Chen Jenny Yen's Montessori Albums for 3-to-6 year old children.
These albums contain all the detailed information on the setup, procedures, aims, variations, extensions, as well as teaching notes of Montessori activities.

You can choose to read it online, or download the book in many, many different formats.

Extension for your knobless cylinders.

Set contains two sets of alphabets, and one set of pictures.

Looking for free Nomenclature cards on a certain subject but can't find them?  Please make a suggestion.
I'm going to begin creating some of my own materials and offering them for you here for free soon.
I'd love to know about your needs and wants.


Leann said...

I love the post about the free things, and I actually discovered some freebies that weren't on my reader. Thanks for this post.

I'd like some nomenclature cards for the planets/space, flags of North and South America, or skeleton/bones.

SimplyMontessori said...

Thanks for reading, Leann!
I'm glad you enjoyed the post.♥
I love your suggestions and I'll see what I can do!

jojoebi said...

Thanks for sharing.
The photo at the top should be credited to Meg at Sew Liberated although it was featured on Ohdeedoh.
Off to check out all the links :o)

SimplyMontessori said...

Thank you!

Līga Krista said...

wow! thanks! are you still doing this? :) i am currently browsing through old posts :))


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