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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I just discovered Nova Natural Toys, and I think I'm in love.  I couldn't help but devote a post to their shop.  Their toys are dedicated to bringing beautiful, quality toys that encourage a child's creativity and spirit.  I think they are pure temptation to spend our entire tax refund in one place. :)  Here are some of my favorites: (Photos and descriptions are from their website)

Perfect for little hands, our On the Farm Wooden Book is a fun tool for teaching children about life on the farm. Each "page" contains whimsical pictures that illustrate a range of activities, from planting to harvesting to milking a cow.  $23. 

In sets of 46 or 92 blocks, kids can build organically shaped structures using our Interlocking Blocks. Handmade by the villagers of Camphill Village, they have protruding dowels on top. The dowels fit into holes in the bottoms of the blocks. This allows children to build curved walls that will hold together rather than falling down with a toddler's sometimes clumsy touch. $25. 
  {The second photo of the product (don't you just love the boots!) is from SouleMama.  If you haven't visited this blog, please take a look- I guarantee you'll find yourself inspired!!!}

Keeping art supplies organized can be challenging so we are happy to offer our Snake Pencil Holder. Its slithering body holds 12 pencils such as the Lyra Ferby Color Pencils ($10). Because all of the colors are in one row with the points sticking up, each color is easily at hand! $17.

Alternating rings of lightly dyed wood and wood au naturel create a stacking toy that is engaging and aesthetically pleasing. $22.

Don’t let a rainy day get in the way of having some fun! Window Crayons make a splash of color on any glass surface. They are non-toxic and clean up easily with soap and water. On sunny days, the light will shine through larger blocks of color, illuminating them radiantly.  $14.

These artfully illustrated cards make learning the alphabet fun for your budding reader. Each card depicts an animal with the pictured letter in its name. Use the included game ideas to teach the sounds of the letters and spell simple words. $10.



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