Using Art To Create A Peaceful Workspace

Friday, March 12, 2010

The workspace in Montessori is so important, not only in setting a mood for the day, but also for inspiration and focusing of the mind. There are 2 ways I like to create a peaceful and creative environment for work: Art and Music. Today's posting is about art.

Art does not have to be expensive. Look for prints, either on a website like,, or a poster you can frame. You can find free art on many websites that will allow you to print it yourself and display it as you wish.
One resource I can think of for free downloadable/printable art is Indie Fixx's Feed Your Soul art project.

You can frame or laminate your art, put it on a small easel on the top of a bookshelf, or simple hang it on the wall with the tacky gum you can purchase at Walmart. I like to hang the art at a variety of levels, some at eye level for examination, and some higher for when they are sitting or laying on their back and look up (and for myself to see easier as well). Whether you change the art often, or carefully choose a few favorite pieces to keep long-term, art can be a very easy motivational and inspirational addition to your workspace.

One of my favorites is pictured above, by artist Lucia Johnson. I am just happy and calm when I look at it- I can just feel the water and bubbles on my skin! She also creates multi-media collages, and has multiple styles of work. See more of it here. Mention you saw her work on this blog and receive free shipping on anything from her Etsy shop!


lucia johnson said...

thank you so much! if you or anyone from this blog would like a print, shipping is on me :) just convo to let me know you saw me here!


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